Thursday, July 12, 2001

Hey I haven't posted in like forever and I'm sorry! Also I'm posting this message in all my blogs because I don't have time to write a personal one! Not much has been happening with me!

Mmm....let me see, a few weeks ago I had church camp. Camp was a blast this year I got to teach a class. I had to teach three classes and they all went well except the first one. The first class had all the hyper active people in it.

Well right now my grandparents are up from Texas. My grandmother expects everything to be cleaned up all the time.

Let's see...last night I took out my contacts and right now I can't find my left one. I guess I missed the container when I was putting it away. I'm probably going to be in big trouble.

On my web site- I added 5 new subbies today and a week ago I took down my guestbook, because I didn't have time for it.

Got to Jet!