Saturday, June 23, 2001

Hey y'all! Omg, I haven't blogged in 4ever! It's just that it's summer now, and ya know I'm kinda busy. My last day of school was two days ago! I was cryin! =(. Y'all must be like "Omg, she was crying? How pathetic!", but you see in sixth grade, I leave the elemtary school. Ya, I loved the elementary school, and being the big kids, but at least i'll be one of those kute lil kids again =Þ (well, not one of the cute ones, but still a lil kid! ;D) So, I was cryin cuz I would leave my bootiful school, and cuz i'd miss all my friends. most of them go away somewhere. so, 2day's my second day of summer vacation! =0Þ.

So, I went to a party yesterday, cept it was kinda boring, ya know why? Because some of the kids there went to play b'ball, but i didn't cuz i had sandals, and i hate b'ball. lol, sorry to the b'ball lovers! :S. anyway, it was someone's b'day, and they had choc. cake, but i didn't eat it, hehe. so, i talked to the grownups when the kids were gone! whoo im mature, huh? talking to the grownups, lol, *hehe*..imma dork.

So, whatcha all doing for the summer? I'm gonna go to 2 camps, which last all of july. it's going to be cool! one of them is a tennis camp, and the other has sports, and lots of other things! so, that should be cool. Are y'all enjoying summer? i guess i am, even tho its my second day. well, i was @ a really cool cartoon doll creator! its excellent, y'all gotta check it out sumtime =Þ. you'll find it at Click on doll maker for the web restricted for a lot more clothes, accesories, and heads than the first thing there. its really great!! ya'll should enjoy it. well, i gotta go right now!!!! i caught up on all the entries hehe. see ya, luv yas!! *muah*
Alyssa =Þ