Saturday, June 16, 2001

OMG i haven't blogged in ages! *Spanks herself* i'm Rachel by the way! And i'm almost back from my hiatus! well, my exams are ova! yah! =D ain't that awesome?!! that's a retorical question! lol!
sooooo, what have i been up to l8ly? nuttin' much =( i've been working on the new layout which is for after i come back from my hiatus, and that's about it really! arrrggghhhh!!!!! my life's too boring! lol!
it was hilarious @ school the other day! our class had a supply teacher and to piss her off, we all dropped our pencils @ the signal of a boys cough! lmao! and when we did it, she screamed "pick those pencils up now!" and nobody moved! hahaha! my class is evil! *mwahahahahahaha*
Hears lots of screams.. omgomg its the lazy blogger im so sorry guys for not posting in so long, ive really been neglecting my blogs =0( spank me babeeeey!
Ive been really busy, what with sitting around being a lazy ass =0Þ naaaaat really im still at school *sigh* so ive been so busy.. but ill try and post more but thats not a promise... muwhaha im a bytch today coz its 9.00 in the morning so im prrrretty tired.. but i g2g coz i have my keyboard lesson. wish me luck i didnt practise.. naught naughty leanne =0Þ
Love you all,
------ LeAnne oxox

Thursday, June 14, 2001

hey sorry that I haven't blogged too much. I need to do alot of stuff that I've been putting off so i'm starting today. I actually got off the palace, he he. Yeah I can make dolls and stuff and I've gotten 2 requests and I still haven't done them and i wanna join /thepagesurvive so i need to start crankin on subbbys. So I'm copying and pasting all this into all my 14 blogs, he he. Ok see ya later!
xoxo Colly

Monday, June 11, 2001

Hey all see I updated my site more aren't you proud of me? Well if you go to my site, you have to check the new section for all the new subbies I made and by the way they're really awesome! *hehe*
Well I've got to write some stories for Expage Success in the next couple weeks because I got a job as a writer about two weeks ago and haven't written any stories yet! Well I'll tell you when I write story so you can go check it out.

You guys know what? *everyone takes a guess* I broke our computer. Well I did Saturday morning but luckily my uncle came over yesterday and fixed it. It was a good thing to because if he didn't soon I was going to start having computer withdraws. *laughs* I did once before when we went to Florida for a week, it was horrible a whole week away from the computer, oh well I lasted.

Brandi @

P.S. Does anyone know why Jen's site has been removed?