Thursday, May 31, 2001

OMG i haven't bloggged in ages!lol! sorry people!
okay what have i gotta say? i joined Expage Success *yay*
and i made quite a funny new subbie! even tho i'm on a break lol! check it out if ya want!
i listening to Jessica Simpson's irresistable.i think that song is rockin'! Steph has a gr8 Jessica Simpson themed layout! take a peek @ it if ya haven't already!
i purposly woke up late this morning so that i wouldn't have to make breakfast! lol! i'm such a lazy git lol! and darn proud of it! =D
okay well that's all i gotta say for now, bye!

Sunday, May 27, 2001

Hey it's me! I'm glad i'm not the only one still in school! Only eight school days left! YES! I love MEMORIAL DAY, no school! Yes, yes, and yes! I can't wait till school is out because then I can actually get to work on my site! That will be good for everyone. *hehe* By the way I have two new subbies.
Today was weird because I'm so used to having youth group on Sunday nights but tonight we didn't have it because it's a holiday weekend. *crys* I love youth group it's so much fun! This year we weren't gonna be able to have camp because the place we have it at closed, so we had to try to find a new place and they did. That's so awesome because I love church camp! This year I'm teaching a class for the 4th and 5th graders and it's going to be on music. I love christian rock and pop music!
Hey guys how do you put the archives up for the blog? Someone please help!!! Well it's getting super late so I've got to jet!
Hey everyone! Oh my lord.. when was the last time I actually updated??!! Omg! Wanna see how my Friday turned out to be??!! Here is my update in my site=)! but i probably won't be putting on the same update for long becuz i have soo much to share. Oh well, so this is what happened!:
Today at school, there was some kind of protest as I would say, but for our principal, a mobarity or something.. lol i forgot.. ok, the principal said that the new rule was that you can only play with 3 friends! can ya believe that!? LOL. Ok, like WHATEVER! SO, we began to protest our rights. There was like one person, stupid Kyle Ray, made a petition. I didn't sign it tho.. but dumb ol' Kyle "faked" my signature and put ME on the list!! Omg! that nerve! Everyone was marching in groups and saying stuff that Patrick Henry would say like "Give Me Friends or give me Death!" or Paul Jones would say "I have not yet begun to protest" or something just SOO stupid!! and it was only for the 5th & 6th grade! I was sooo stupid to believe, that i made up a song. It goes to the rythem of the song..(what's is it called LOL?) This is a story bout a girl.. who cried a river and drowned the whole world.., but the song I made up was.. DON'T LAUGH!!
This is a story bout' a school,
Who Had a really really really dumb rule
Everytime we hung out with 3 friends, we would get a sitation.. when someone sees.. YEAH
Aren't i such a dork??!! But at the end, we ALL had to write a stupid essay about what we learned about this experience. I just finished. and the thing is.. Nicole became my friend. She's soo nice=)! I'll add her to my friends list=)! also, the truth was it was just a rumor and we're not going to have this rule.!

Omg, wasn't that just soo stupid??! Ok, and here are my *beachy* notes!!:
Friday is FINALLY here! Yay!! 2 more weeks of school left! And 3 more pizza parties to go!! I just figured out this... (well, to my school, probably not yours). At the end of the year, there seems to be more activities, pizza parties, etc. Hehe, I have 3 more! One on Tuesday (it's for Pentatholon. I go there! yeah I'mma dork!), because on Monday there isn't school!! yay! One @ the State Fair after, we're going to go to the park & eat pizza & coke! Mmm...! lol.. sorry! I'm starving right now=)! And one @ the last day of school!! Read my notes to see what activities I'll be having soon=)! Ok, thanks for the awesome g-book entries! U guys really rock my socks (as Sera would say)! hehe, lol=)! Anyways, I am going to be sponsering some more people @ my sponsers page. Also, Kine & I are working on Expage Fever!!=)! yup! i'm 102 degrees right now!! lol sorry! well, check out my "beachy notes" and ta da!

On Monday, we have NO school!! hololuyah!!!=)! lol sooorry! for like what? the hundreth time??! hehe lol sorryyy... gosh! Hundred ONE. Omg, what's wrong with me man?? heh.. Tuesday.. pizza party! yumm..! Wednesday.. FIELD TRIP baby!! yeah! We're going 2 go 2 the Discovery Science Center (it's fun tho) and State Fair on June 7th! and our violin concert @ June 6th! Welll., that is such a busy schedule!

Ok, this is like maybe the longest entry I wrote, but believe me. I have more to share=)!! hehe=)!

Ok, everyone! I am going to get a *new* layout soon, so come to my site! It's going to be a *Dream* layout! omg, I love their song=)! Hehe, and also, I am going to sort out my content!! ALSO, my mom bought me Paint Shop Pro AND Adobe Acrobat. So you'll be seeing a lot of improvement on my graphics and things.... hehe, but of course not my talent=)! it's going to be the same *lame* things I do... ok, g2g eat my dinner=0! yum..
P.S. Omg, omg omg! Erica closed down...!! =( she was my BEST buddy ever!