Saturday, May 26, 2001

Hola People!
what's chillin'? i just got outta my PJ's and now i feel F.R.E.S.H! Lmao!
i just wrote a LONG g*book entry for Mariah hope ya like it babe!
i haven't got much going on really, i'm starting to go off my layout already! lol! i think it's been up for a week, what d'ya think? should i start on a new one? the thing is, i need a theme for it......
Steven and co. have done a gr8 job on Expage Data don't ya think? and Corky did an awesome job on the layout! if ya haven't taken a look @ that then take a look now! lol!
well, that's all i gotta say really, bye!

Monday, May 21, 2001

Hey everyone it's me! I feel so stupid! I usually have to copy and paste a link code on here for when I use links but then I realized that blogger has a way for you to link right on here! *frowns* I feel so stupid! Oh well! *smiles again* Yesterday was so much fun! At youth group everyone thought I was acting extremely funny for some reason. The littlest things I'd do would make them all laugh! Because they were laughing I would start laughing! *laughs* Yesterday was a wacky day! Then when we went out to eat with some people, someone asked me and this one boy if we were married because we kept arguing! My mom said my cheeks were bright red! And NO, I do not like the kid! I fixed my layout for some reason I messed up the codes and put the wrong codes in when I was putting up my new layout! For some reason I put it in the old layout section and....oh nevermind I fixed it so go check it out! I wish I would have made the updates box bigger but oh well! Well I've gotto jet!

Sunday, May 20, 2001

yay! i just put up my new layout! i hope ya guys like it! please take a look @ it!
*muah, muah*