Saturday, May 19, 2001

Hola People!
I'm soooo glad Mariah is BACK!!! Woo hoo! LMAO!
I've just had fun making fun of my teacher with Amanda! That was fun! lol!
My dad's being a pain in the ass! He's trying to get me of the computa! lol! Just Kiddin'! I luv my pap! *muah to ya daddy!*
Well, i ain't got nething else to say really.....i really need to put up a new layout v.soon! Help! lol! Well, i'd better go and work on that now!
*muah, muah*

Friday, May 18, 2001

HEY GUYS! woo its mariah :D whats shakin?!! i finally got my lazy bum off hiatus. how bout that? click click click here u shexy thang ;D LmAo, im kinda hyper~ i just got back from my friends' bday party...they had a joint party since theyre really good friends and their bdays are close together;D it was purty cool :D there were so many people, it was awesome;D im all tired b/c i was dancing and swimming the whole time =0Þ gotta love the georgia weather;D AHHHH ONE MORE week of kinda happy and sad at the same time...cuz im always gone during the summer. :( and mariah ... *sniff MISSES EVERYONE hehe but its purty spiffy cuz im a beach girl and we're always well..AT THE BEACH haha didja guess? :) but anyways im shhleepy:( and its only 11:33!!!! im going to bed, I LOVE U GUYS, see ya tomorrow :D you can IM me at little blu fish if you're THAT bored =0Þ ttyl-- :)
Well everyone it's me! Right now I'm starting to work on my new layout for my web page! But the sad thing is it won't be up tomorrow, it might be late saturday night though! It's gonna look great!

Well today I had to go to the ortho (I don't know how to spell the rest) and get my stupid braces looked at. They ended up adding hooks for my rubberbands *frowns* I hate braces with a passion! The good thing is my teeth will be perfect after this *yells "YAH BABY"* Did you notice I'm trying to sound funny or something and I don't think it's really working! See I'm really bored right now so I have to type and say all I can but I think I'm going to end this after this sentence! Nope just joking! LOL! You guys wanna know something I'm thinking about closing! Not sure yet! Also my paint shop pro trial ran out! *frowns*

Well gotto jet!

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Hi everyone. I /okittyo isnt' coming back, i'm sorry guys! Please don't ask me on aim .. It get's really annoying. I think I might get hosted again .. I can use more of my 'Html Talent' there .Today was pretty boring. I changed arts classes because i couldn't put up with the people in my old dance class. THey kept giving me shit, and i kept giving them shit, so i just changed. I hate most of them in that class, they all hate me because i left there little group to go into the *popular* group, and like so they think i'm a trader and all. S now i'm doing break dancing, ugh, i don't like breakdancing, wait, i love brea kdancing though just not for chicks!! It's for guys don't you think?! lol I admitt it's a lil fun *blushes* I won't admitt that to my friends though lol. I started to watch steve and yaan break dance o my fucking god there so good. Yaan looks a lil hott *blushes* Though Ii don't like him in that way. I like someone else .. hehe .. and i know they like me, due to alan screawming out in class *OMG YOU LOVE KAT!!* i was like blushing .. Though he won't ask me out, i think he's just shy, i hope he does, cause i know i'll say yes.I want to see the mommy returns! So does amy but she won't come with me! aLL MY other firens are just like no it looks shit and i don't want to see it but it like looks SO good lol! Aah i asked scott if he wanted to come and he's just like no it looks retarded, n he's like the only guy friend that i'd acutally go with by my self wif haha, the others' i would just have to go with other friends AND THEM. lol. I want to go to the city though jarrads going, aah, i hate jarard, he's afucking dick ay? I met him off the net and i mean im sorry i dont go for looks or anything but he's just plain ugly! Omg i sumbitted my picture on adn like .. It hasn't come up yet, i shouldn't of done ti i don't want everyone saying *KAT YOUR AN UGLY BITCH!* lol! Well i am. Hmm i feel like stopping now cause i'm on cheeta chat ( SAME AS YAHOO, IT IS YAHOO, BUT BETTER ) if your jn ther or something come message me on Foxey or LaLa_GuRLi and if you have aim LaLaGiRLKat or if you have msn of if you ahve icq look up

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

*yay* i'm Jen's star link! :o) thanx Jen i luv ya hun!
finally my messages have started publishing! lol!
and WOW so many peepz have blogged while i've been gone! lol! okay, i'm now, officially a dork! he, he!
i agree with Christina down there, one gurl eMailed me and her message was:
i have linked u on my site, if ur a nice person u'll do the same! my addy is *****************************
well, gotta jet, bye!
OMG I'm SOO sorry everyone!! I haven't blogged in years!! I just have been SOO busy lately!! OMG I'm soo sorry!! Yippie! I'm doing my NEW layout! It's going to be ANIMATED! yippie:D. This girl called Crystal signed my g-book today. All she said was "Could u link me?" that's all can you believe that? i went to her site, but I didn't link her *who would*? . OMG! How come Kat closed down her site? OMG, Now I'm stuck in the middle between my 2 linkerz! Kat and Lena! and oh... i g2g Marrissa's coming 2 pick me up for basketball practice. BYE! LOVE YA ALL! ~Christina
Here's Brandi! Guess What?! I added a whole bunch of stuff to my site! It still has the same simple layout for when I came back last week but that's gonna change this weekend so watch for it! *hehe* Well I'm getting so many invites to blogs I haven't had time to join them all so please be patient if you invited me to yours!

I'm so hungry right now! *groans* This morning my mom got me up super late so I had to hurry to get ready for her to take me to school and then I forgot to grab lunch money. *frowns* So right now I'm straving! Well I'm gonna go home and eat, but right now I'm in lunch at school as you could probably tell from me whining about not eating. But anyways I've gotto jet!


P.S. I don't have time to write a personal message in each blog right now so this is the same one I have in some others blogs

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Okay, hey people, I hate AOL. Yesterday, I was writing a loooooooooooooooonnnnngggg blog entry, and just when i finished, i got kicked off!! Okay, we anyways, I have a brand new layout!!!! Its been a long week!! Holy crap!! I just realized I am in 18 blogs!!! Please, please go join Expage Attitude!! Okay, lets see, Monday there was a HUGE fire which destroyed a whole block!! This block was downtown, and 90% of traffic goes down that street!! Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, or deaths. Tuesday they knocked down the destroyed buildings. Wedensday was boring! Nothing worth saying happened. Thursday we handed our social studies reasearch project after 3 weeks, and for social studies, we went out and played kickball!! Boys verses girls, and boys won!! It was c,ose though, cause the girls had the teacher and Nicole, BUT there were like 7 more boys then girls!! Also, I watched Back from the outback lol, i am so obsessed with survivor! Friday this scum was like cornering me!! Ewww!! It was just nasty! The weekend: boring as usual, I went to my grandparents for mothers day, and that was well, boring. monday: nothing noteable happened. today: i almost got asked out by my crush!!!!!!!

Well, I'll stop boring you all, and leave!! See Ya'll later!!!

-XOXO Sean Ü
-Sean has now left the room. (lol chaela!)

Monday, May 14, 2001

I hope this freakin' message gets published cos so far, none of mine have ! :o(
Well, i ain't got nuttin' to say really...
i'm planning on puttin' a new layout up but i need to think of a fantabulas theme first! lol! [And to Jen: yes ya spelt that right in my g*book! lol!]
well, ch@t again later peeps!
*muah, muah*#
[otherwise known as 'Denim Wonda'!
Denim Wonda's site:

Sunday, May 13, 2001

Hola people!
i luv this blog! it's sooo C.U.T.E! wheneva i go online i'm gonna blog! lol!
well, i haven't really got ne news! if ya haven't been to my site then please visit it!
luv ya all!
Okay people I hope you all have a happy Mother's day! I got my mom a personilized calendar and a nice card! But, my Mom's b-day is tomorrow so I'll take her to my choir concert! Yay! My Mom loves to hear us sing. To mention singing our choir got all straight superiors! Yay baybay! Now we get to go to Cedar Point the huge amusement park. I get to go to Cedar Point twice this summer and can't wait because I'm going to ide the Raptor at night. If you wanna go to my site then go to or if u wanna mail me my email is
This is like my first blog entry and like I have no clue what the heck to say! hee hee :)
Buh-byez Erin
Hey! Alyssa here! Thanks for inviting me Jen! Your so sweet! *muah* =). *Hehe*. For those of you who don't know me, I own a site called pastel cookie crunch (/hypergirly11), and my name is obviously Alyssa! Lol. It's going to be fun getting to know ya'll!! =). So, did everyone enjoy their mother's day? Hehe. I got my mom jewelry and made her a lowfat breakfast! LM@O!! Hehe. She gained @ few pounds! Lol. Well, I gotta go! Toddles! *muah*
Hey everyone, once you've typed your message could you press Post & publish instead of just post. Thanx
Hey Everyone!
It's me, Rach from Bubblay!
Thanx to Jen for letting me join! u rock girly!
I'm not doing much....i'll blog more when i get the chance! :o)
ch@t again l8r people!
Hey Everyone!
It's Rach here!
Thanx to Jen for letting me join! u rock chick! lol! :o)
I'm not up to much....just surfing the net as usuall....well, i'll write more when i got news! bye!
PS: Dunno y 'Amanda' is coming up after my name up ^there!^