Saturday, May 12, 2001

Hi jen, I'm here :) but u know that as we're talkin right now :P well gtg but I'll try to write something soon
Hey everyone, it's Jen here. I'm getting really sick of bad gb entries lol so i've taken my gb link down. I'd have kept it up but getstring won't do anything about blocking an IP address for me.
The weather has been so great I've been out all day I hope it stays like this for a while...So seriously what do you all think should I shut down? lol I'm not at all sure yet. But of course I'd keep the blog open!! lol I've just got a new layout to put up. It's kind of summery. Anyway I better go. ttyl.
hiya =D jen ur sucha *sweetie!* thanks for inviting me! well i g2g to my acting class now, so ill ttyl k?

xoxo Grace

Friday, May 11, 2001

hey ya'll! yay thanx for inviting me! =0Þ this is mariah from this lil peice of crap haha well im totally sleepy, but ill blog some more later, my eyelids r so heavy right now haha :)
Hi Jen!! Yippee!! Wowzer's another blog!! thanks for inviting me:D!

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Yay! My 12th blog! OMG! I'm so excited! Jen you rock! Thank you so much for inviting me! I hope you don't shut down! cause if you do i will HAUNT YOU@ lol j/k. Thanks for inviting me again!
xoxo Colleen
Brandi's here now! Well thanks for inviting me Jen! This like my 13th blog but I love'em all! I got to quickly type you guys a message because in my next class I have a test so I have to go study. Well My site will be back soon! I mean it's still up but it's on a short break! I've made the graphic I'm gonna use for when I come back so be looking for it in the next week or two! Well I'll tell you guys when I'm back anyway so you really don't have to look! lol! Well gotto jet!
Hi Jen, congrats to ur own blog. I´m just talking to you, so I guess I better carry on doing that instead of bloggin` here okies?!
So keep it up here hun!

¤ Anni ¤
Hey Jen its me hehe thanx for inviting me lol! so you finally got this running yey! lol i love the layout hehe! its soooo snazzy lol! well im online now and i shouldnt be lol, so better toodle.

Lotsa love
---- Leanne ox

Monday, May 07, 2001

Hey everyone, i just want to say welcome and if you want to be invited email me at with New member for whatever in the subject bar!! ttyl